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  • Huge discounts on the most innovative, sustainable products and services that we pass directly to you
  • We’ll even plant your own mini-forest (100 trees) in the Brighter Compass woodland for every year you stay with us
  • and much more


On A Mission
Sustainable Start


We sit in between assessment and offsetting, focussing on the DOING part of sustainability.

We can make your business MUCH more sustainable, through small, easy-to-implement, incremental changes that don’t take you away from running your business.

Because saving the planet is overwhelming, switching your tea bags is not.

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We know many UK SMEs want to be more sustainable, but we also know our members need sustainability initiatives to pay their way, by exciting staff, attracting new clients, and positively impacting the bottom line.

We can do all three.

We call it thinking BRIGHTER.

Google Puts Green Hotels on the Map

Google Puts Green Hotels on the Map

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View Story

Bespoke Solutions

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How it works

We break up your sustainability strategy, into five easily achievable sections, and guide you every step of the way.

  1. Digital
  2. People
  3. Places
  4. Money
  5. Marketing

For Your Business

Our five compass points guide you in the direction of comprehensive information, practical advice, and affordable action, cultural and behavioural change, helpful finance, and storytelling

And we’ll help you make it pay by enabling you to promote your sustainability efforts to future staff and clients

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