Inspiring Ideas for Your Business to go Greener

Seven magnificently simple ways to help make your business more sustainable

The jury is in and the verdict is clear: your customers want to know that you care about the planet as much as they do. 60% of Millennials are excited about shopping sustainably. Global research commissioned by WWF in 2021 shows online searches for sustainable products have increased by more than 70% over the past five years.

What’s good for the planet is also good for your business. And Brighter Compass wants to help you on your journey. Here’s our pick of 7 very sensible steps to get started:

#1 Know Where You Stand

Step one is to calculate your carbon footprint based on your existing systems and processes. Each business is unique and not all ambitions are equal. But whether you’re targeting B-Corp status, or just looking to do things in a Brighter way, knowing where you stand today will help you to identify areas of opportunity and improvement.

#2 Engage Your Staff

The global pandemic has unquestionably challenged our concept of the modern workplace. By embracing digital technologies we can reduce both time lost and emissions generated by the traditional work commute. Develop remote working opportunities where possible, but also incentivize your staff to contribute to the company’s sustainability effort, identifying areas of change, and coming together for team activities which center around conservation and sustainability.

#3 Make Simple Workplace Swaps

There are many quick and easy wins if you know where to look, from swapping out the coffee in your kitchens to the loo roll and hand wash in your bathrooms. These changes can be really cost-effective, particularly if you are buying in bulk.

#4 The 3 R’s

We’ve all heard of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, but these simple principles reach beyond our loved ones and children at home. It’s vital to encourage staff to take your sustainability ambitions home with them, and vice versa. Recycling bins should be fresh and prominent. Invest in real plates, glasses, ceramics and the like, rather than encouraging a single-use corporate culture of plastic cutlery and coffee pods. Dealing with organic matter with a compost solution in the office can also prevent waste from going into landfill.

#5 Assess your Tech with Energy in Mind

Stating the obvious, but investing in energy-efficient solutions and updates can save you money in the long run, as well as chipping away at that carbon footprint you’ve now calculated. The appliances in your office, as well as your lighting and heating systems, should be reviewed and periodically audited for maximum efficiency. Smart tech solutions like sensors and thermostats will complement your efforts on the human side to enhance the running of your business.

#6 Tell Your Story

Whatever material progress you’re able to make can be entwined meaningfully with your social and marketing strategies. Future hires and customers want to know you are making sustainability gains. Documenting your efforts can cost-effectively generate positive PR for your business, as well as inspiring your existing staff and partners, generating self-sustaining momentum.

#7 Get Help from a Consultant

We are unashamedly here to help. Our consultants will work with you to find sustainable solutions which don’t cost the Earth. We also have an extended network of ‘Brighter People’ made up of diverse industry experts who can tackle unique and vertical-specific challenges – even when no off-the-shelf answer appears to exist.

In many areas of life, as in business, it pays dividends to get help from those with experience. So if you’re excited about a sustainability journey for your business, we’re excited to be introduced. Please contact us at Brighter Compass for a no fee, no risk, chat. We’d be delighted to hear from you.