Bud brews up Net Zero strategy

Bud unveils Net Zero 2026 plans for UK Operations

Budweiser wants to operate Net Zero breweries at Magor and Samlesbury by 2026. Bud’s iconic beer is brewed in the UK using 100% renewables. And the brewer’s own solar farms and wind turbines deliver this energy. 

Mauricio Coindreau is Head of Sustainability and Procurement at Budweiser Brewing Group. “As a global business, we know we can make a positive difference and set a good example,” he says. “Which we hope will inspire others to follow and help make significant change for the better.”

AB InBev owns Budweiser, which aims to be the first of five major breweries to deliver on this Net Zero promise. Other UK breweries within AB InBev are targeting net zero operations by 2028.

A recent pilot scheme by Bud produced five million cans with the lowest carbon footprint in Europe for any of AB InBev’s beers.

Running on renewable energy is a huge opportunity for your business. And it’s a key pillar of the UK’s planned Green post-pandemic recovery too.