‘As realists, we are aware that it is extremely difficult to convince enough people to completely change the things they do every day.

However everyone (we are speaking with) seems to be acutely aware of the need for change and actually want to do something to help save the planet. Knowing what to do and where to start seems to be the biggest obstacle, it seems so vast, people are left wondering ‘how can I help?’

Brighter Compass was created out of a desire to make it really simple for individuals, businesses, everyone to play their part.

We are taking the things we already do every day, our habits, our routines and looked for ways to make them brighter. We then looked for ways to get those brighter options into the hands of everyone. If everyone makes one swap into a habit, the compound effect would be enormous.’

Our Team

Brooks Livermore

Brooks has worked in events, publishing, branded content, commercials and TV for over fifteen years. He has developed and launched award-winning shows, events and campaigns for a variety of global brands and platforms Including Evening Standard, Balance, Country Living, Stylist, BBC, Channel 4, Sky and BAFTA.

Chris Little

Chris worked in comedy, entertainment and factual television for over twenty years, producing many prime-time programmes for all the major broadcasters including ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Sky. He took the role of Media Director for LEON Restaurants in 2019 before teaming up with Brooks and Justin.

Justin Etheridge

Former CEO & President of Time Out North America, and Co-Founder/CEO of Time Out Australia, Justin has managed digital media launches in 20+ cities and was a key member of the Global Exec who took Time Out to IPO. He has consulted for innovative disruptors in Interactive Video, Technology and Travel.

Brighter People


Naturally Fast Food.

Why can’t fast food be good food? Our mission is to prove that it can by serving naturally fast food that not only tastes good but does you good too.

We’ve partnered with Brighter Compass as their ethos of finding a brighter way to do things, is so aligned with ours that we want to help spread the word.

Why can’t good things be good for the planet? We know it can with fast food – so let’s find that in everything else.

Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson is the Founder and CEO of Thomson & Scott, the company behind the alcohol-free sparkling phenomenon NOUGHTY. A B Corp certified company obsessed with transparency and provenance in wine making and the leader in the alcohol-free wine space.

Thomson & Scott is the perfect drinks partner to join the ranks of Brighter People. Amanda believes the growth of alcohol-free options that also help support sustainable farming and organic and vegan production methods is essential to make sure the global wine industry supports the maintenance and protection of our planet.

Dr Vaan Livermore-Hardy

Dr Vaan Livermore-Hardy is a Chartered Psychologist, with 25 years experience working adults, children and families, across a range of specialisms. She has published papers and is also an Associate Lecturer at UCL on the Doctorate Program.

Taking steps to make a change is at the heart of all psychological therapies and it’s the first step that is often most difficult. Small changes add up to much bigger shifts and benefit both the individual and wider organisations or groups, creating healthier habits for a brighter future.

John Vincent

John Vincent co-founded the fast-food chain, LEON, in 2004 with the mission to create Naturally Fast Food – food that tastes good, does you good and is kind to the planet. The guiding principle behind John’s experience and success in business is his vision and commitment to help make things better. It is this singular purpose that has seen him lead projects such as the UK government’s School Food Plan and create and Chair the Council for Sustainable Business. With the desire to inspire and motivate others by his approach and actions, John recently founded The Longhouse, a home to positively disruptive people, brands and companies that protect and improve life on earth.

Katie Marshall

Katie is the founder of Luxley Communications and a senior PR and Brand Consultant with close to two decades of experience. Katie is dedicated to working with people, products and services which can help protect our planet, enhance the wellbeing of others and expand human consciousness for the greater good of humanity.

Passionate and committed, Katie is using both her own and Luxley’s powerful network, experience and know-how to help Brighter Compass grow and thrive.

Gilly Smith

Gilly Smith is an award winning food journalist and podcaster. She is host of the delicious. podcast for delicious. magazine, Cooking the Books with Gilly Smith, How to Grow a Pod and Leon’s How to Eat to Save the Planet. She is the producer of Right2Food, the Food Foundation’s podcast which won the prestigious Guild of Food Writer’s Investigative Food Work Award 2021.

Her book Taste and the TV Chef: how storytelling can save the planet won the 2021 International Impact Award and the Gourmand UK Food Writer award.  She uses her writing and podcasting to explore and promote food justice and climate awareness.

Coffee Drinkers

Sustainability Journey

Select sustainable alternatives

Along the way we will identify key areas that need attention and suggest ‘Brighter’ ways to do things.

Some of these are quick, easy wins, such as swapping the coffee in your kitchens or the loo roll or hand wash in your bathrooms to more sustainable alternatives.

We can supply products for every aspect of your business. This can be really cost-effective, particularly if you’re buying in bulk, and, thanks to our relationships with suppliers, we can pass on discounts to make this as affordable as possible.

Take the First Step

Corporate Gift Boxes

Make a difference every day.

We can create beautiful bespoke boxes, full of sustainable items, for you to give to whomever you choose.

You could provide welcome (or thank you) boxes for your clients and visitors, with a range of products from KeepCups to toiletries or champagne to stationery.  Something from every part of their daily lives.

Champion Change